Help The Manna Pantry Respond to Food Shortage Crisis in Indianapolis


Food, we all need it to survive, however, many of our central Indiana residents are faced with long commutes to to find nutritious food to feed their families. Per a 2014 study by the USDA, Indianapolis ranks worst in the nation in regards to food deserts, an area lacking in nutritional food options.

The USDA set these guidelines to what a food desert is.

*Citizens rank 200% below the Federal Poverty Guideline

*Residents must travel a mile or more for groceries

The need is there but how do you react to it? Enter Manna Pantry. The Manna Pantry is the brainchild of Minister Shandra Gilbert in an effort to feed the hungry, those without transportation, focusing on families on a monthly basis.

The Pantry is still in it’s infancy and need community support to impact the need in our fair city. The financial undertaking is mind boggling. The food pantry industry in Indianapolis is competitive and The Manna Pantry needs to obtain a 501c3 Tax Status to even begin to compete.  According to current research we require $800 for filing the 501c3 paper work, another 1500 to purchase food, and 2700 for supplies and technology.

It seems like a daunting task but through the generosity of our community I know that it can all be accomplished. If God has placed it on your heart to give a GoFundMe has been created to help The Manna Pantry serve the Indianapolis community.


Love and Blessings!


How to be More Grateful When You Feel Like Complaining





It’s easy to complain. It’s easy to yell and rave when life doesn’t go your way, but it takes real courage and strength to find the blessing in your situation, thank God for it, and pick yourself up and figure things out.

I was once a chronic complainer. I would scream, hiss, gnash my teeth, and come completely undone when a situation didn’t go my way. I spent months and months making myself physically and emotionally ill over the slightest hiccup in my plan. I was finger pointer, instead of owning my own….stuff… let’s go with stuff. #familyfriendly.

It was years before I learned what it truly meant to bless and release. See before I found Jesus it sounded like clever catch phrase that had no real meaning… not one that fit into my life.  Now I can clearly see that bless and release means to accept a person even with their flawed thinking and move on. The sad thing is ladies and gentlemen, you can not change people and you definitely can not change the way they think or their conviction to their beliefs. It’s not you who can change hearts. Sorry Boo… You just don’t have the power. All you can do is look on the bright side.


So when the news alert comes across your TV, when the other shoe drops, when life does not go the way you planned. Take a step back, analyze your circumstances, and thank god for what you do have. Because ladies and gentlemen of the internet – it all belongs to him. God puts us in challenging situations so that we may rise about it. Try these 3 tips to learn how to be grateful  even when you feel like complaining.

  1. Analyze the situation… Did you die? No? Ok so there is something to learn here. You have to learn to look at your life through’s heaven’s eyes. Pray about it, ask God what am I supposed to know, what I am supposed to learn from this, my heart is broken but I am determined to do your will. And listen. Meditate and listen. He’ll answer you.

2. Acknowledge that God has given you so much, even if it is not evident to others. Start listing the things you are grateful for. The blessings that have befallen your family and yourself. Did you have the money to pay that light bill -BLESSING! Can you feed your children tonight -BLESSING. Count them. You’ll be amazed how many blessings you can list. The magic really happens when you think you’re finished. Dig a little deeper and thank god for those too.

3. Worship. Fall on your knees and worship. God speaks to me loudest when I am in worship. Oh and honey for the love of all things holy do NOT wait until Sunday. While I am huge fan of corporate praise I have been knowing to shut myself in an empty closet at work and praise God for all he has given me, bumping up my Gospel Playlist and just honoring God. Instant mood changer.

So there you go when You feel like complaining learn to be grateful through reflection, prayer, and worship.

BONUS- Read your bible. Seriously – knock the dust off that baby, crack it open and read. I am a huge fan of Phillipians and John.  The more you read you’ll find your own favorites. 🙂

I am kicking off a gratitude challenge, I invite you all to join me. See you later! 🙂




5 Quick Tips for the Ultimate Couples Massage at Home


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If you’ve ever had a massage you know it can be a relaxing experience, it helps you unwind and let everything go, all the stress, all your obligations – nothing matters in that moment. It’s also great for couples. Massage helps couples slow things down and connect with each other on a deeper , more intimate level.

But where to you begin? What if your partner is a little to rough or not rough enough? I have a few tips for you to make your at home couples massage a more relaxing experience.

  1. Take a hot shower or bath prior to your massage. i recommend a deeply moisturizing shower gel and don’t forget to exfoliate. This will remove all the dead skin cells and leave you more polished and feeling super smooth. It will be much easier for your partner to glide his or her hands over smooth skin than rough dry skin. 🙂


2. Toss a few clean white towels in the dryer to warm them up and nice plush robe will really bring home the whole spa treatment. This will set the stage for the evening and bring that wow factor. Your partner will really think you planned ahead and put a lot of thought into it.

3. Light some candles to create the mood and entice your sense of smell. Nothing to strong just a calming scent like vanilla lavender or maybe a sensual jasmine will be both relaxing and mood enhancing. Candlelight can be truly romantic. Turn the lights down low and play some soothing music. Some nice love songs or some Kenny G style jazz. The mood is now set.

4. Choose the right products to enhance your massage experience. Products that have premium ingredients like Vitamin E and Shea Butter or the new craze – Argan Oil will nourish the skin while providing a smooth surface to glide  your fingers or massage mitt across.


5. Relax and reconnect. I believe an at home couples massage can be a rewarding and relaxing experience but only if you chill out and let the day go. Be 100% present with your loved one and let them know you appreciate their efforts. This is not the time to talk about the kids or the dirty dishes. It’s time to focus on your relationship and each other as individuals. And for the love of all things holy do not forget to repay the favor. No one likes to be the only one giving… It’s ok to take a little too.

True Confessions of a Product Junkie

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I love natural Hair. That line has been severely over stated. It’s on coffee mugs, t-shirts, bumper stickers, all kinds of swag. Natural hair refers to African American women wearing our natural hair without any chemical processing. There is some debate in the community on whether hair color is a chemical process or not. I color my hair and choose to believe that my hair is still natural… so just deal if you don’t like it. 🙂

A little about me and my natural hair journey: I have been a member of the society of naturalistas since 2006. 10 years ago I decided to walk away from relaxers and begged my cousin to give me my imfamous Big Chop (cutting off all the chemically processed hair leaving only the natural new growth). In that moment I realized 2 things, 1 that I really loved these little baby curls on top of my head and 2 – A very round face and pixie cut makes my head look HUGE.


I soon discovered my old hair care products no longer worked on my natural hair. The mousse was too drying, alcohol is not my friend. So I went on a search for new products. I found that many hair care companies were capitalizing on the natural hair movement so there was no shortage of options. I went to youtube a tried products suggested by the divas who have been natural much longer than myself. I had to try everything! I developed quite the collection of products.

I recently purged my stash because it was overwhelming and taking over my entire vanity and bathroom cabinets. I currently have a much smaller collection of products. I subscribe to CurlKit, a monthly subscription box that curates products for curly hair and ships it directly to your door for $25 a month. I rarely purchase additional products, only if my CurlKit was lacking in some area.


10 True Confessions of a Product Junkie 

  1. I Must Try Everything that is new or on sale. I might work great, it might suck. You’ll never know until you try! 🙂
  2. I have totally purchased products and either used once or not at all. I usually just gave the latter away.
  3. I don’t have a problem spending $20-60 on a single hair care product. I just swipe my card and pray it works.
  4. I have gone over my household budget more than once to try the latest thing in natural hair.
  5. I am a stickler for smell. If a product doesn’t have an outstanding fragrance I’m over it and ready for the next big thing.
  6. I have spent so much money on my natural hair that  I could have been on a couple of vacations. Seriously this stuff isn’t cheap and there are very rarely coupons for it. When it goes on sale I go into overdrive.
  7. I treated hair care products like flowers and candy. Want to woo me? Buy me Miss Jessie’s or Carol’s Daughter. #BAE
  8. I once decided to buy hair products instead of lunch… ok more than once….ok often.  Beauty over food. That’s terrible. but true.
  9. I will try anything because it is on clearance.
  10. I purchased a monthly subscription to CurlKit in an effort to control my spending. I get to try different products ever month and only spend $25.

7 Day Family Challenge Day 4 – Work Life Integration with TONY DUNGY

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I’m not going to sugar coat this one…. I’m an Indianapolis girl and when I saw Tony Dungy was today’s speaker my inner fame girl was SUPER EXCITED! I don’t know much about football really, I am just a hometown girl through and through and Tony Dungy lead the Indianapolis Colts for a football victory! Can we say LEGEND!

Tony’s message is pretty clear. Family first. Integrate your family your  work day. Bring your kids to the office, let them see what you do. If this isn’t possible then try skyping or Facebook Live your work space so they feel connected to you  at work. I know some jobs are very strict on the use of cell phones or social media during the work day. Maybe you can talk to your employer about implementing a family day so that you can bring them in and show them around.


My take aways:

  1. Your family is important. Help them understand your work by integrating them into it.
  2. If you focus 100% of your energy to your career you will wake up one day to be sorely disappointed
  3. If you are an employer it’s important to implement a Family Day.
  4. Help your family understand that your work is important but they mean the most.

I am fortunate to work from home, although it has taken my family some time to get used to the idea that just because I am home doesn’t mean that I am readily available to them. I believe in taking a time out, host a family game night, movie night, going on vacation or even a staycation, to reconnect with your family. The time with your kids or spouse can not be replaced. Sad reality is our time with them is finite. We need to maximize our experiences while we can.


You Can Still Join the 7 Day Family Challenge! 




British Soccer Camps

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My oldest grandson Jay’Lyn loves soccer. His mom wanted him to love basketball but as you know these kids have a mind of their own. With the school year coming to a close and summer approaching we wanted to find an activity he could do that would cater to his interests. We stumbled across British Soccer Camps and found what we were looking for.

British Soccer Camps are the most popular soccer camp in the US. With an innovative curriculum that develops skills, speed and confidence in players ages 3-18, The British Soccer Camp provide boys and girls with the rare opportunity to receive high-level soccer coaching from a team of international expert’s right in the heart of their own community. In addition to teaching new skills and improving game performance, each British Soccer Camp provides lessons in character development, cultural education and is the most fun your child can have learning the sport they love!
Enroll you child in a British Soccer Camp today



We are excited to watch him play and gain new skills in soccer. Although I was never athletic I do believe that being part of a team builds character and self esteem -things we won’t to instill in all of the grandkids! I also want him to create memories that he will keep forever, who knows he might be the next David Beckham – i don’t really know any other soccer player. 🙂

Camps are available nationwide and since we are all super busy you can even register for a camp online. Visit to find the location of a camp near you.


Top 5 Resources to Help You Rock Your Direct Sales Business

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I am a true fan on the direct sales industry. I myself have ran a thriving business in direct sales since 2009. It has helped me to provide for my family, afford vacations, and afford those extra little things that make life worth living. This post is not about my personal business, so I won’t get into all that. It’s about sharing what I have learned and the tools that have helped me succeed.

In Direct  Sales you are in business for yourself. That little sentence actually says a lot. You are ceo, accountant, customer service rep, sales manager etc., There is no one else. I found success by treating my business like a 9 to 5. Like I have a sales quota to meet in order to get that paycheck.  That mentality worked for me as I was accustomed to the J.O.B lifestyle, I could totally relate to making money based on my performance.  I also discovered a few tools that helped me skyrocket my earnings and organize my life and business. I created a top 10 list so that other women and men in direct sales can benefit from the expertise of coaches, trainers, and content creators I have used in the past.

  1. Party Plan Divas  

I owe much of my success to Lynsey Jones, owner of Party Plan Divas. With tools like the Diva Success System Planner, Party Bank, webinars, and even supplies to market your business Lynsey shows us how to have a thriving direct sales business, while not letting it overwhelm our family life. Through a monthly membership you have access to an endless bounty of files and trainings. There is also a Facebook Community of divas for you to connect with.

Check out a free sample of the training Party Plan Divas Offers HERE.

2. The Booster 

From sticker, to buttons, to post cards – there is really no place out there on the web that compares with The Booster. All of the products on the site are designed to boost your business. They truly do it all… In fact they have some many amazing things on their website that  I agonized on something to present to you all – I’d start with any of the Keys To Success. Can’t go wrong there.

3. Julie Anne Jones 

I came across Julie Anne Jones very early in my career. I didn’t know a damn thing. I didn’t even know what hostess coaching was. I sat down one day and googled hostess coaching and found a gold mine of information. Julie Anne offers products such as Powerful Language To Explode your Direct Sales Business and Coaching Your Host for Maximum Success among several others.


4. CEO of Me

Ceo of Me’s Misty Kearns  is a relative new kid on the block in the coaching biz  but she has a lot of great information to share. Check out her printable section, to find her Marketing Bundle.  Start with her FREE 8 DAY ONLINE MINI SUCCESS COURSE It’s amazing.


5. Postable 

This one is all about automation and storage. Postable is a website that you can input all your contacts in. You can save birthdays and anniversaries, etc. You can also mail cards directly from the website to Thank your hostess, online orders etc. I remember all those late nights after your party filling out Thank You cards… GONE! It’s a game changer.

I hope these help you in your business. 🙂





Zigler Family 7 Day Challenge: Day 2 Communication

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Day 2 of the Zigler Family challenge showed us how to communicate more effectively with our families. Today we are learning from Best selling author Michael Hyatt and his lovely wife Gail.

I don’t know about you but this is something that my family has struggles with. In this day of technology and social media it is easy to get distracted. We need a reminder of how to actually have a conversation. 1 conversation.

The concept of the 1 Conversation challenge is pretty simple, eat dinner with your family for 21 days and have 1 conversation. Not 5 different ones. No technology. No Facebook. Just sitting down at the end of the day and talking.


Personally, I am quite excited about this particular challenge because it I am not the best at putting my phone down and actually having a conversation. I am a social media junkie. Now while I am not nearly as bad a I used to be, I still need to be reminded to put my phone down. This challenge speaks to me directly and it is really going to impact my family in a positive way and I can not wait to share our results with all of you.

Don’t forget to comment below and tell me how you and your family communicate with each other. What works for you, what do you struggle with. Also like us on Facebook so we can keep the conversation going. We love to hear tips from our readers!

Stay Tuned to for Day 3 where we will learn 3 simple steps to improving your family’s health.


7 Day Family Challenge Day 3 – Physical Health with Dr Josh Axe

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Day 3 of the 7 Day Family Challenge presented by the Zigler Family is all about physical health and good nutrition. This is something I have struggled with as a family. My fiancee and myself both have pain issues which make exercise difficult. Now we both know that the pain issues will only get worse if we don’t lose some weight… so yeah, double edge sword. I am also really guilty of not eating clean meals.

We eat a lot of processed foods in my house. It’s a habit I am really trying to get away from but like all bad habits it is one that is extremely difficult to break. It is just so easy to snack on chips while working or eating that vending machine lunch when my work day gets hectic. Eating healthy tend to take a lot preparation, or at least forethought. Now that being said I know that it is not impossible and it it just going to take a little commitment on my part to make this change for my family.

I thought I’d share some of my take aways from today’s training.

  1. Exercise 20 minutes a day. I am going to commit to trying to do this
  2. Spiritual triathalon – Praise God and thank him for what I am grateful for. Spend 5 minutes reading a devotional or scripture, Pray and meditate for 5 minutes.
  3. Eliminate processed foods at breakfast.

There is a lot more in today’s training. I invite you to dig into this series. It has impacted me so much and I am already implementing these changes into our daily lives.

Join the challenge HERE! 

See you tomorrow. Don’t forget to comment below and let me know what you think of today’s challenge and also let me know how you and your family stay healthy.


Why The 5 Languages Matter and How to Find Yours

The 7 Day Family Challenge from the Zigler Family launched yesterday. I am super excited to take this opportunity to enhance my family by utilizing the tools from top experts.  I of course am a little behind. (Child if you could see my inbox right now !) I made a commitment to really digging into the challenges and sharing with you all what I have found and how I plan to implement the things I learned.

Day 1 of the challenge was all about communication and featured Gary Chapman, the best selling author of the 5 Love Languages. Through a video I was introduced to the topic of the 5 Love Languages. Now I have heard of the 5 Love Languages before but never really gave it much thought. I guess I just figured that it sounded like it was therapy-talk and not something I would be interested in. Today though I have grown and open to new experiences even if they make me uncomfortable.

The 5 Love Languages

  1. Words of Affirmation

This is saying things like “I like the way you did your hair today” or “Dinner was excellent.” In a nutshell it’s feeling validated. Knowing that you are valued. That is important to me. I don’t think I received much of that growing up and I crave it so much!

2. Acts of Service

This is the language of my fiancee. It’s all about doing things for your loved one. It’s not doing things you want to do, it’s doing things that they would want you to do. For those who speak thins language action truly speak louder than words.

3. Giving Gifts.

Now this is not about the cost of the gift it is about the thought behind it. Like for instance I am a Cherry Pepsi addict. Soda is not terribly expensive but if she goes out to run errands and comes home with a fountain drink for me I appreciate it.

4. Quality time

According to Mr  Chapman we are often doing this one wrong. It’s not sitting together watching TV. It’s a tech time out. It’s just being together, conversing, playing a board game etc. It’s actual time. together.

Now I thought mine was Physical touch but I took the assessment and found that my language is actually Words of Affirmation. I can totally see that. Validation. Just put a bow on it and accept it. 🙂

I plan to do more around the house and taking some burden off of my fiancee – because that is her love language.  Knowing now how to express my love for her, that will make her feel validated in her own right will go a long way to solidify our relationship.

You can find your Love Language HERE.

Come back and comment below and let me know what you got.